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Post  Sweet_Tyra on Fri Sep 04, 2009 3:30 am

Hello everyone and Welcome to the beginning of our Cycle 4 Finale!!! Today, we will be reminiscing about the competition and reviewing each photoshoot and some of the comments the judges made about them!
(Thanks to Nigel for composing these photos for me!)

Lets begin!!!!!!

SHOOT #1- Couture/Commercial Clowns:

Andy on Wendy: "This photo is hot like fire!!! You went for it and hit a grand slam"

Karasu on Jack: "I love the costume and makeup, the pose; everything in this picture is great. GREAT job!!"

Cozy on Wendy: "I like the drama here, it's a very eery photo, and you look quite dolll-like"

Karasu on Jack: "This is the best this week!!! You look like a possessed monkey/human that got out of its cage and is looking to kill someone, it fits the brief 100%. Amazing job."

SHOOT #2- Games:

Bree on Wendy: "You are totally sexy, lady! This is a lot more fashion than your last two shots"

Bree on Jack: "Holy crap, Jack! You're trying to make me love you! And I just might!"

SHOOT #3- Couples:

SweetTyra on Wendy: "Your face is PERFECT. I really feel the emotion, you have completely nailed what you were told to do."

SweetTyra on Jack: "I love the passionate tension in the hands, the sneaky little stare. This shot is near perfect."

SHOOT #4- Bad Parenting:

Cozy on Wendy: "Yay! All I gotta say is girl, you know how to act! There are some strong emotions coming outta your face, and don't stop."

Nigel on Jack: "Huzzah! This is what a smack addict looks like. As a junkie picture, this is awesome. This will totally be the cover on my sequel of karasu's novel."

SHOOT #5- SweetTyraPop Summer:

Bree on Wendy: "You've risen in the ranks in my opinion - I'd call this one of the best pictures in INTM history. If you're not in the top three, I will stab Nigel. With left-handed scissors."

Bree on Jack: "What I love about you is that every week you look like a different person. The energy and the costume is very radiating without being distracting or cheesy."

SHOOT #6- Runway:

Cozy on Wendy: "Wind in the hair, fabulous dress, beautiful makeup, and I love the setting and composition of this photo! It looks extremely fluid, like you're just going to breeze right past the camera"

SweetTyra on Jack: "Ive got one word: SUUUAAAAVE!!! Man, you look so cool and confident and...dude-a-licious in this shot"

SHOOT #7- Paparazzi:

Joey on Wendy: "BRILLIANT! I love it! One of my favorite shots of the competition. Your face looks fierce and beautiful and natural while at the same time it's aware of the camera and working in its simplicity.

SweetTyra On Jack: "I really like the expression in the eyes in this shot. Youre giving a lot of attitude with your face without screwing it up too much."

SHOOT #8- Spies:

SweetTyra on Wendy: "I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture!!! That snarly expression in your face is just top notch!"

SweetTyra on Jack: "I love this shot! It looks like you are flying through the air about to kung-fu your enemy haha. We are seeing a different expression in your face once again, that is such an asset of yours, you are an amazing actor"

SHOOT #9- Lonely Dudes/Divas:

SweetTyra on Wendy: "This is so beautiful. Its great to see that you have really let your guard down and given us such an emotionally true picture"

Firebolt on Jack: "This is one of your best pictures. You're emotion is conveyed well and its just a great shot."

SHOOT #10- Vampires:

Cozy on Wendy: "Nailed it! You have been shining lately, and this photo is no exception. I love the twistyness of your limbs and the fact that you crumpled up your whole body to fit in the frame. It's dark and demented, but also sexy and strong in the face."

SweetTyra on Jack: "The picture is fantastic. Its not necessarily what I was expecting, I think thats why I was a little thrown off but now that I am looking at it more I love it!!"

SHOOT #11- Shoe Beauty:

Firebolt on Wendy: "This is a very interesting picture. The shape of your face appears kind of strange but it still works. I think you're the odds-on favorite to win"

Nigel on Jack: "I like the picture, and yeah I agree with Cozy and Mark when they say that it looks like the shoe's pushing you down, but I kinda like that. I like what you're doing with your face."

*sees Leigh's avatar* "Is this a scary site??:- Nigel's mum

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Post  Nigel on Fri Sep 04, 2009 4:22 am

are you trying to make me quit?

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Post  Firebolt on Fri Sep 04, 2009 4:32 am

lol @ the quotes of mine that you used. Those were both half-assed.


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Post  wendy. on Sat Sep 05, 2009 6:44 am

oooh my

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Post  Joey-GaGa on Tue Sep 08, 2009 10:22 pm

DATS RIGHT! One of my quotes used. Bombbbb..

Wendy better effing win this shit.

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